We desire to make disciples by creating an environment where people can come to know God, grow in their relationship with Him and show His love to the world.



We want want answers to the "why" questions in life, one of  the biggest being, "why am I here God?"  As a faith community we want to walk with you through the “why”, explore your identity and purpose, and help you find peace and connection with God. 



A relationship with God is so vital to who we are as human beings that it can't be isolated to a one time spiritual experience. Look at your relationship with God as a life-long pursuit, a journey. God invites us into an ever-deepening understanding of who He is and who He intends us to be.  We grow best in the context of community, which is why we meet together, serve together and do life together.



God not only loves you, but every other person on this planet that He made. He loves everyone so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to help people reconnect with Him. He wants to use your life to share that message. God's remedy for the brokenness in this world are people who care enough to share His love in practical, life changing ways.